Emergency Management

The NZ Coordinated Incident Management System

Emergency Management training is an important tool in the development of resilient communities and how we as a society respond to emergencies and disasters. Being well-trained, competent and confident when something big happens allows us to respond in a structured and calm manner knowing what our role is and what we are expected to do.   C4 is NZ’s leading provider of corporate and community organisation specific CIMS training and will incorporate your Standard Operating Procedures, policies, organisational plans and community group requirements into the programme. Scenarios are applicable to you and your staff or members making the training relevant, current, and relatable. We are also able to support your organisation to develop both internal and external emergency management plans.

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“Excellent CIMS 4 course provided by C4 Group! Kathy and Chris were both great and provided practical and relevant course content to our area and organisation! Thanks.”
Jody Starr

Safety & Environment Coordinator Mt Ruapehu

“The life experiences that Kathy and Chris are able to draw on made the CIMS 4 training all the more real. C4 were also willing to work with us on developing worksite specific examples for the exercises. As a result the attendees had a high level of engagement, could easily relate it to their own roles and therefore an excellent training experience.”
Roger Cook

Operations Centre Manager, Auckland Airport


An introduction to the CIMS framework covering all facets of the CIMS structure including response functions, facilities, terminology and levels, incident classifications, iwi involvement, and governance. Available online, by distance or in a one day classroom session. Classroom session includes scenarios specific to your organisation. NZQA Unit Standard 32158 awarded on completion of course.


CIMS 4 provides a more in-depth approach to managing a CIMS response and allows for participants to begin to work in emergency response teams.  A practical two day course, it is designed for those who have designated response roles within their organisation’s emergency management plan. NZQA Unit Standards 29553 and 29554 are awarded at completion of the course. 

CIMS Refresher

This course is for those who have completed CIMS training previously and brings you up to date with changes to NZ’s emergency response system and the new CIMS 3. It can be completed online, or for those organisations that wish to refresh their emergency management response teams, it can be completed in a one day practical classroom setting using reality-based scenarios.

Available from 1st June 2022

CIMS 4 Plus Active Threat Management

Living in a world with increasing rates of violent offending and the possibility of terrorist attacks both home and abroad, responders require  scenario based training that focuses on these potential events. C4 has introduced a CIMS course that includes scenarios based on situations that include Active Armed Offender, Bomb Threat, Armed Robbery Survival, terrorism awareness and Crowded Space Safety.

For more information or for corporate bookings (at your place or ours) please email us on admin@c4group.co.nz