Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual training takes the fundamentals of face-to-face, classroom training and replicates the experience online, in real-time. It uses live, interactive online workshops to provide training and mitigates the need for travel expenses, while still providing the required learning and assessment in a fun, engaging way for all learners, regardless of their location. Although initially introduced to allow training to continue throughout the COVID lockdowns, the response from our clients has confirmed that C4 virtual training is here to stay. Our emergency management and active threat training virtual programmes are our most popular.

Effective engagement

Virtual training platforms mimic live workshop interactivity using tools like polling, chats, and breakout groups. These elements not only expose learners to input from other participants, but they also create a cooperative learning environment. The effectiveness of cooperative learning is that participants share knowledge and work together to make each other’s understanding of the material complete. Employees become active participants in the learning process rather than relying entirely on the instructor.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Training:

  • Provides quality training for those in regional areas where accessing courses is difficult
  • Allows companies to integrate training nationally providing excellent networking opportunities
  • Allows for a safe training environment without the face to face concerns in a COVID world
  • Simple and easy for learners to join and participate in
  • Meets all NZQA requirements
  • Eliminates travel costs


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