Active Threat Management Courses

C4 has developed a range of short courses and programmes designed to meet the professional development needs of the security sector. Whether you are looking to enhance the skills and knowledge you already have, gain new skills, or just out of interest, C4 has the course for you. From Defensive Tactics  and Control and Restraint through to ASP Baton and Handcuff training we have New Zealand’s largest range of security training courses available. The content of some of these courses may count towards credits for Unit Standards.  Have a look – you just might find something that interests you.


Armed Robbery Survival

Would your staff know what to do in the event of an armed robbery? Research has shown that decisions made in the first 3 seconds will determine whether the person being robbed will live, die or be seriously injured. One of our most popular courses, it covers offender profiles and behaviour, personal response triggers and psychological self-care after an event.

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Bomb Threat

A practical programme designed to equip staff with knowledge and skills allowing them to safely plan for and react in emergency situations involving suspicious packages or an actual threat. The course covers telephone threats, suspicious packages and anti-terrorist strategies that will support your staff in the event of a threat. Personal response triggers and psychological self-care after an event are also covered. 

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Active Armed Offender

An Active Armed Offender is someone who is actively engaged in killing, attempting, or threatening to kill people. This session is designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills to remain safe in an Active Armed Offender situation. Delivered by experienced ex- Police Armed Offender Squad members, this course includes the newly released Police guidelines for protecting crowded places.

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