Our Team

Leadership Team

The C4 leadership team has a diverse mix of strengths and skills sets that are very complementary. As a tight knit team, everyone is aware of each other’s strengths and everyone knows what they must do for the ongoing success of the C4 Group.

Chris Lawton

NCAET (Level 4), NCAET (Level 5), NCIS (Level 2), NCIS (Level 3), NCIS (Level 4).

Chris is a security expert. He has more than two decades of experience in the New Zealand Police. He held a senior role in the United Nations Security Forces where he was responsible for the evacuation of the first village during the East Timorese crisis. This was rounded off with a career in managing private security for some of the world’s richest people and running his own private security company for the hospitality industry. He is sought-after for his security knowledge and was the inaugural recipient of the NZSA/Skills Leadership award for his contribution to the industry, and in particular, training. He is also a founding and board member of the NZ Security Training Association (NZSTA).

Kathy Wright

RGON, BHSc, PGDipHSc, PGDip Emerg Mgmt, MN (Hons).

Kathy’s expertise is in health and emergency management. With post-graduate degrees in both fields, she had a 38-year career in nursing during which time she held leading roles in national and international disaster responses. This has led to a passion for Emergency Management that has allowed her to sit on Government advisory groups focussed on the redevelopment of emergency management and emergency management training in New Zealand. Her other love is education and has a vision to help others to embrace and enjoy learning as much as she does

A Dynamic Duo

With their combined backgrounds, Chris and Kathy have qualities ideally suited to C4 and our C4 learners. These include compassion and empathy, integrity, strength of character, critical thinking, cognitive and emotional intelligence, and excellent communication and negotiation skills. Both are very cool under pressure and with a combination of more than 40 years of delivering training and education, they are the perfect people to run C4.

Colin Wright – Business Manager

Colin has a multi-national engineering background and also successfully ran his own software company for six years. With his engineering and business background, he provides excellent attention to detail and keeps things under control to ensure C4 is operating smoothly day-to-day. He has developed a great team around him that ensures learners are at the heart of what we do and why we do it.

Charlotte Bolton – Office Manager

Charlotte is the first friendly face you see at C4. She has an extensive background in the security industry, both in New Zealand and in South Africa. Her administration experience enables her to run our office like a well-oiled machine. Charlotte’s motto is to always strive to deliver the service she expects to receive, and this is reflected in the excellent customer service she delivers to clients and learners alike.

Our Instructors

C4 Group has both fulltime and contract instructors throughout the country. We work hard to ensure there is consistency across all instructors and in the content that they teach. What a learner is taught in Auckland is the same information and standard as what would be delivered anywhere in the country.

To be at the top of our game, we need the best instructors delivering consistency and quality of all out training. That’s the C4 way.

Karl Laaks

NCIS (Level 2), NCIS (Level 3).

Karl is one of C4’s senior instructors who delivers both security and OSH programmes. With an extensive background in national and international security operations and training, he brings real world knowledge to his teaching. Karl’s training experience includes police gang units, serious crime and extreme violence units, armed response officers, unarmed combat for bodyguards, weapons, armed robbery survival, conflict management, control/calming and restraint, and defensive tactics. His operational experience includes bar security, close protection operations, and event and corporate security. To top this off Karl is a fully qualified Koga Ninjitsu Instructor – a qualification that takes many years to achieve.

Debbie Stuart

NCIS (Level 2), NCIS (Level 3), NCAET (Level 4), NCALE (Level 5)

Debbie delivers C4’s Mandatory Security Training Programme as well as First Aid, Fire Safety and supports our learners undertaking the New Zealand Certificate in Security. She has a varied background that includes Corrections, Education, Retail and Hospitality. She has experience delivering training to both youth and adults and holds formal qualifications in Adult Education, Literacy and Numeracy, Business Administration, Retail and Hospitality. As such Debbie is ideally suited to help our learners who have English as a second language or have literacy and numeracy issues. Her passion for teaching and her ability to relate positively with all groups and ages along with her desire to embrace the C4 philosophy make her a highly valuable member of the C4 team. She is very highly regarded by all learners she deals with.

Kevin O’Keefe

Kevin is the newest member of our team and he brings a wealth of experience to C4 Originally from the UK, he is an experienced Protective Security practitioner, which includes time working as a civilian Security Adviser to the UK Ministry of Defence. Kevin is also an experienced tertiary lecturer, teaching Applied Management at Thames Valley University in the UK, and at the Waikato Polytechnic and Eastern Institute of Technology in NZ.

Rob Fasher

NCIS (Level 2), NCIS (Level 3).

Rob is an instructor for C4’s Mandatory Security Training programme. He has been in the security industry since 2007. ​A security company owner himself, he has worked in all areas of security, including consulting and investigations. Rob is passionate about training and about making the learning experience an enjoyable and positive ​one for our learners.

Frans Van Wijk

NCIS (Level 2), NCIS (Level 3).

Frans is an instructor for the Mandatory Security Training programme and has an extensive security background in the security sector. This includes eight years in the South African military and 10 years as a security officer in various roles in NZ. He worked for many years in hospital security and is a certified Health Control and Restraint programme instructor as well as an expert in defensive tactics training.

Tony Robinson

NCIS (Level 2), NCIS (Level 3), NCIS (Level 4), NCAET (Level 4).

Tony has been a trainer within the security industry for many years. He brings extensive sector experience at a senior level to his role. His understanding of the industry and his natural teaching abilities saw him win the NZSA / ETITO Security Workplace Assessor of the Year in 2011. ​Tony is committed to supporting learners to achieve, and he focuses on assisting those with literacy and numeracy issues. He is currently working in the Port Security field, which brings a new dimension to his security skills and knowledge.

Stu Leith

NCIS (Level 2).

Stu is one of our South Island Mandatory Training instructors and has an extensive background within the security industry. He has successfully owned his own security company and  is now a senior manager for a large security organisation, bringing extensive experience in both providing and teaching within the security industry.

Ivan Vea

Ivan comes to C4 with extensive experience in both Corrections and the security industry. With a Corrections career spanning more than thirteen years, Ivan was specifically involved with delivering the principles and practical techniques used in Conflict Management and Tactical Training. Ivan has a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to pass on and relates well to all groups of learners. Being of Pasifika origin he is especially attuned to the cultural and learning needs of our Pasifika learners.

Deon Botha

DipPSc, NCIS (Level 2), NCIS (Level 3), NCAET Level 4, PFSO, SSO, CSO

Deon has national and international operational experience in military, security and close protection. He is also a specialist Advanced First Aid Instructor in the maritime, aviation and search and rescue theatres. With Deon’s qualifications and experience he leads a variety of C4 Group programmes including COA, conflict management, First Aid, maritime, emergency management, control & restraint and defensive tactics. With more than 30 years’ experience in security, military, maritime and emergency management. Deon bring real world experience along with teaching expertise to all of C4’s programmes.

Brennan McCarthy

BA (Massey University) Double Major – Defence and Security Studies, Royal NZ Police
College – Diploma in Policing

Brennan has an impressive background in law enforcement, security and safety both nationally and internationally. With over 17 year in the NZ Police, 7 years as a senior manager and team leader in specialist units he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Brennan also worked internationally for over 18 years in 15 countries in security and safety roles in a diverse range of industries including security, oil and gas, aviation, finance and government organisations. Brennan has trained personnel in law enforcement agencies, military, security companies and corporate organisations and brings a high level of competency in communication, security management, and strategic and operational planning. Brennan loves a challenge and is motivated by helping other attain their personal and educational goals.