C4 is a  Category 1 NZQA Private Training Establishment and our motto is ‘Learners for Life’. As a registered NZQA Private Training Establishment we adhere to the codes and practice required by NZQA to maintain the highest standards.

Read our NZQA External Evaluation Review here C4 Group Limited – Final Report

Our vision.

To support learners and industry by providing excellence in training delivery.

Our history.

We have been committed to excellence in training delivery since 2002 and this commitment has made us a one of the most respected industry training providers around the country.

Our programmes.
Our programmes are delivered both nationally and internationally and we partner with major global training providers to bring the best of the world back to NZ. This allows us to ensure that all our programmes are bench-marked against international standards. C4’s solutions-based approach to training enables us to customise our programmes for our clients by including organisational policies and plans, and Standard Operating Procedures  into each course.
Our staff.

Our reputation and high standards have enabled us to attract superior trained, experienced and passionate staff who reflect the philosophy of our organisation. At every step of your journey through C4 you will find friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff with a strong commitment to customer service.

Our learners.
The heart of our business is our learners and everything we do supports their journey through the learning process. Both learners and companies can have the highest level of confidence that their training is relevant, current, internationally bench-marked and delivered by experienced and passionate instructors – in short – the best available.