Bomb Threat Training

This course provides a practical programme designed to:

  • Equip staff with knowledge and skills allowing them to safely plan for and react in emergency situations involving a bomb threat
  • Support the company’s existing security and emergency response guidelines
  • Provide staff with knowledge which will assist them to reduce the physical and psychological risks of an emergency involving a bomb threat

All training is delivered by ex- Police Bomb Squad instructors and members or international security operatives.

The programme includes:

  • The basic nature of bombing as a threat
  • Current situation in New Zealand & internationally
  • Characteristics of bomb perpetrators
  • Basic security precautions to prevent or detect bomb deliveries
  • Planning and preparation for emergency situations
  • Taking action in an emergency
  • Participating in an evacuation
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Maximising the safety of staff during an emergency
  • Strategies for conducting searches of buildings
  • Mail bomb attacks
  • Recognising and coping with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Bomb Threat Training.
Duration: Half day (4 hours).
Price:  $900.00 (incl. GST) Corporate bookings only.
Corporate bookings only – your place or ours. Please email us on